A career in marketing makes you dream and you would like to know more about training and jobs? We tell you everything!


Marketing is the means of attracting potential customers and clients to buy a company’s products and/or services. Marketing is therefore a process that involves several things: research, strategy, promotion and sales.

When a marketing program is established in a company, four key elements must be taken into account: products and services, promotion, distribution and pricing.

Marketing can then be linked in different ways. It can be linked to the communication department to promote a business and directly influence communication strategies. It can also be very present in the commercial strategy and put customer relations and sales at the heart of a company’s success.


Are you interested in a career in marketing but you’re not sure which degree to get and how to find your first job? After graduating from high school there are several options to prepare for your career in marketing. You can prepare a BTS in Negotiation and Customer Relationship, a DUT in Marketing Techniques or enroll in Business School. You can also enroll in a marketing school and consider a degree in marketing, such as a Bachelor’s degree in marketing, an MBA in marketing, a Bachelor’s degree in marketing or a Master’s degree in marketing. A competition preparation centre can help you maximize your chances of success.


As in most professional specialties, there are several occupations and several levels of responsibility.

Marketing Project Manager: this role is focused on the development of projects and the coordination of the various people involved in the projects.

Marketing Manager: this role is responsible for the company’s marketing strategy and its concrete applications within potential other departments such as the sales department or communication.

Marketing assistant: the marketing assistant is a right-hand man of the marketing department, he learns on the job and helps with multiple tasks to relieve the department. marketing department.

Product manager: he is responsible for a particular brand or product. He/she manages the marketing strategies around this brand or product and ensures that the resulting projects run smoothly.

For more information about the different positions, see the Student job descriptions.


The advantage is that all these professions are practised in almost all sectors of activity, for example: banking, insurance, mass distribution, e-commerce, construction, education, etc. This is a big advantage for these “transversal” professions because it allows many opportunities after studies or a competition.


After general studies you can specialise in a particular area of marketing. Some examples are: marketing, marketing and management; operational marketing; digital marketing and data analytics; marketing strategy; marketing and product management.