Starting a website is the first step in solving the visibility puzzle. Nowadays, almost all companies focus on the web aspect of their business, and it is becoming increasingly competitive to have a new brand in front of as many people as possible.

According to some studies, more than 90% of online experiences begin with research. In other words, omitting search engine optimization from your marketing strategy is not an option. When a strategy is well executed, it can provide you with opportunities that might not have occurred otherwise.

That’s why it’s important for young companies to invest in SEO early on, to get the ball rolling. Here are some tips to keep in mind when choosing your provider.


If you look at a SEO agency’s website, you will most likely find a number of case studies or a list of companies they have worked with in the past. Although there are some reasons why some clients prefer to remain anonymous, many clients have no problem putting their link on an agency’s website.

It’s free advertising after all. But if there is no client list or indication that your agency has worked with real companies, it’s a potential red flag. Reviewing an agency’s portfolio helps you understand the types of companies it works with.


Once you have identified a number of potential agencies, you should have a firm written orientation before making contact. What exactly do you expect from your natural SEO? Typically, its objectives may be to improve visibility, increase the number of potential clients or get more conversions.

It is important to go further and provide tangible figures that define success. For example, how many unique visitors per month are you targeting? The key to achieving the best results is to promote transparency between the agency and the client in terms of objectives.

Although some agencies still expect clients to receive their best recommendations, the process goes much smoother when everyone is on the same wavelength from start to finish.

Keep in mind that search engine optimization is not an area where you will usually see results overnight. In most cases it is a slow process that requires regular effort.


When you look at the testimonials on an agency’s website, you see that they are probably the most successful. Although they are always good references, it takes more to judge a company. The stories you want to hear are those of average clients.

What was their experience with the agency? If you can, try to contact at least three companies that have used the agency’s services. In addition to asking questions about the end results, you’ll want to get a sense of the day-to-day interactions.

Ask for an honest testimonial from them: was the SEO company Google good at communicating? Did it deliver on its promises? Did you feel you were a priority? Also think about checking the agency’s reputation.