Street marketing is an excellent way to promote your business while differentiating yourself from your competitors and making a difference in the minds of consumers. This is why more and more companies are choosing to combine it with other marketing campaigns for greater impact. The question is therefore to know what steps to follow to ensure the success of the project, but also how to define your project properly?


The first thing you need to know about a successful street marketing campaign is that it is essential to integrate it into a global communication plan. Indeed, this campaign alone is not enough to promote a product or a company, in this case, think of accompanying it with other promotional campaigns such as viral or digital marketing.

Afterwards, define upstream the audience you are targeting in order to better prepare the street marketing campaign and the actions to be implemented. Ask yourself which age group or category of people will be affected by your promotion. This will make it easier to choose the animation to be organized, the location of the event, etc.


To make a street marketing campaign a success, there are also several tips and advice to know. These will certainly help you to set up the project and organize the events to be carried out. Among these practical tips:

– Integrate the project into all the urban landscapes: walls, floors, street lamps, road signs, etc.

– Choose unusual places apart from the street: metro corridor, parks, beaches, etc.

– Play on the surprise effect with an action that distracts passers-by from everyday objects and landscape elements.

– Choose the right timing for the actions to be carried out: distraction period, Christmas parties, etc.


In order to add more echo to your street marketing campaign, it is also essential to couple online and offline operations. As digital is already essential, it would be a mistake not to use the tools it offers.

Also, choose strategically the interactivity and games offered, especially if it is an event. Fortunately, several options such as participatory and fun experiences are possible.

Finally, one last tip to know to be successful in a street marketing campaign is that you will have to incite passers-by to buy so that they become customers of your product or company. Actions such as the distribution of coupons can be very useful.