What Is Social Selling and How It Can Help with Your Prospecting?

Social Selling

Today, there’re countless marketing and consumer acquisition channels you can utilize to get visitors to come to your website and convert them to customers. But have you ever thought about going after them? Well, there’re billions of active social media users globally, and that’s where your prospective customers are.



You might be asking yourself why social media is incredibly popular. Generally, social media connects people with the community and makes it pretty easy to share life updates, catch up with friends, follow updates from popular brands and find answers to various questions. Yes, it achieves all that. Another aspect of social media is that you can use it to get much more consumers, that is what Fullboothmarketing does.



What is Social Selling?



Merely put, social selling is when salespersons use social media to get and engage with new prospects. Basically, salespeople will use social media to offer value to prospects by responding to comments, answer questions and then share useful content throughout the purchasing process – from brand awareness to consideration, up to the point when the prospect is ready to buy. Experts allege that social selling is the new sales model.



While the previous sales model mainly used to be about sales demos, cold calling and qualifying leads, social selling is more about utilizing social media channels to get new leads, educate them about how your business can assist them and nurture them all through. In fact, the advancement of social media usage has been very crucial to the adoption of social selling in most companies.



How Social Selling Helps in Prospecting



It Helps in Building Real Relationships



Yes, it’s a fact that nobody likes cold calling nowadays. The ugly truth is that cold calling is no longer effective, and 90% of the top management never respond to cold calls. Using social tools lets your sales team recognize new leads that are already talking about your company, your industry or your competitors. With this, you will be able to reach out to the prospects easily with helpful info when the time comes.



It Lets You Manage Your Online Reputation



One of the best things about social media selling is that it enhances your company’s credibility and image on the web. Most studies have exposed the huge impact of online reviews and how they impact a buyer’s decision. Provided you promote your business correctly, an online presence will lead to online popularity.



Therefore, creating a positive reputation amongst social media prospects will automatically lure more interested people to your company. On the other hand, having a negative reputation can harm your business’s core processes and success.



It Makes the Customers Come Back



While new customers are amazing, having returning customers is much better. For a perfect long-term growth, your business needs to sustain and build upon a base of loyal clients. Well, here is where social media selling becomes handy. Your sales team can use it to stay in touch with current and previous customers.



Basically, the secret is to keep the customers wanting to come back, and the trick entails consistent and continuous engagement. Thus, you can engage them through direct messaging, comments or even sharing helpful content regarding what they’re searching.



Lastly, social selling is all about understanding the perspective of prospective clients. What will make them subscribe to your updates and new content? What will keep them interested in your products and services? Well, it is all about being inventive. So, if you give the best answers to these questions, you will certainly build up a strong social media community and turn your new prospects into returning customers.

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