An attractive, unstoppable and modern store counts for highlighting products, motivating the purchase and creating the desire to return. This is not only done for aesthetic reasons but also to increase sales performance. Merchandising, POS and other techniques make up point of sale marketing which is a sales stimulator. Deciphering!


The idea is to arrange the space well, to have the products well supplied and to create a wave of emotions among consumers by highlighting the articles. In other words, this technique of giving good visibility to a promotional or new product serves to suggest. Thanks to the identification of the best location for the products, and therefore their display and the best layout of the point of sale, rarely visited departments are thwarted. Because everything is thought out so that the purchase can be made easily by giving importance to consumer habits in terms of behaviour and routes as well as visual acuity. The latter is particularly focused on the ability to find information quickly in relation to displays and inscriptions. In any case, this marketing strategy did not stop evolving until the 1950s, and its success is based on “the right product, in the right place, at the right time, at the right price and in the right quantity”. By calling on the services of a merchandising agency, the company knew how to use management merchandising combined with organization and seduction merchandising.


Focusing on decoration, lighting, furniture, atmosphere, signage or visual merchandising among others, it is in seductive merchandising that all communication media come into play. This involves the use of plv furniture as required, as well as the advertising billboard, flag, signage, magazine rack, visual holder, poster holder and picture wall. Whatever the option, it is important in the sense that it attracts attention and therefore plays particularly on the originality of the visual. Not only is it made with high quality varnish and offers different shades of colour, but if it is well chosen with consistency, it better fulfils its role with elements that are familiar to consumers. It works best with simpler information such as the name of the product or the slogan. In short, it is used to convey the store’s image in a neat way, but above all the content of the messages helps to make the point of sale more dynamic. However, a plv agency knows that promoting communication at the point of sale goes hand in hand with other factors.


The sympathy and the eyes of consumers are strongly attracted by the ingenuity shown by the specialists in in-store sales supports. It is a choice favoured by the very attractive production cost of this material, its more flexible use and therefore more practical compared to its lightness and rigidity. Even if Digital Media is gaining ground, displays, kakemonos or advertising totems are very useful and are made of cardboard. Thus we tend to propose connected points of sale to diversify customer services, another representation of the theatricalization of the point of sale. The latter in fact consists in creating a pleasant atmosphere in order to increase traffic by awakening the 5 senses. No matter how hard you try to stand out, the first visual corresponds to the window that invites you to enter. It must be tastefully organized as it has recently become alive. For those who are then in the area and want more details, getting in touch with a merchandising agency in Paris is an excellent solution.