Also known as street marketing, street marketing, as its name suggests, consists of carrying out marketing actions in the street. If it is more and more appreciated by companies, it is mainly due to its advantages, namely its low cost, its originality and its impact.


Today, due to the new communication tools propelled by the Internet, communication channels are increasingly saturated, so advertisements and other marketing actions are often drowned in the mass. However, it is necessary to seek to differentiate oneself from one’s competitors in order to attract the attention of consumers, customers and prospects. It is in this context that street marketing has emerged.

The street then becomes a place of promotion, which leads to local communication, even closer to consumers. One of its advantages is that it directly appeals to all passers-by in the public place of the promotion. The idea is to make an impression while creating an event-based buzz in the street, but the right concept will have to be found to appeal to these pedestrians who are already overexposed to advertising.


To succeed in designing a street marketing campaign project, it is essential to follow a few basic rules. The first trick is to integrate the campaign into a global communication plan so that it reinforces the other actions and strategies already in place (viral, digital, sensorial marketing, etc.).

Also remember to define the target audience for the campaign in order to know the effective means to be implemented to convince passers-by. It will also be necessary to choose the right timing and especially to play on the surprise effect in order to attract and seduce the attention of consumers. In addition, finding actions that incite people to buy at the same time can be done by distributing gifts after purchase or discount vouchers.


When designing your street marketing campaign, remember to play on the surprise effect by diverting elements of the landscape to give passers-by the opportunity to enter a new universe. You should also know that combining online and offline actions is an excellent way to broaden the reach and impact of your campaign.

In addition, it is essential to set up interactivity and a game that appeals to passers-by. The ideal is to find a participative and playful game to get in direct contact with the prospect. Moreover, the human side is always positive and less intrusive.