For each company, good visibility among consumers and vis-à-vis other competitors is considered a successful advertising campaign. This is why everyone competes in imagination to find the best way to stand out. This is the main objective of street marketing, a revolutionary way to surprise and bring customers closer to their customers.


In the past, marketing was only limited to the distribution of flyers by hostesses. It had even become a commonplace and uninteresting phenomenon for most people. However, with today's innovations and technological developments, this activity has become essential for every company in terms of communication. It was then that the concept of street marketing emerged. Basically, this technique consists of combining the daily environment of consumers with advertising campaigns to promote a new product to be launched, or an upcoming event. It is an innovative alternative to overcome the weaknesses of classic advertising campaigns that are considered monotonous. Street marketing relies mainly on the organization of ephemeral events, or by hijacking street furniture by transforming it into advertising tools for a given brand. In particular, it has proven its worth and has contributed to the success of many major companies around the world. One of the most widely used techniques is the pop-up store which, as its name suggests, results in an ephemeral exhibition or sale in an unusual location. There is also the technique of augmented reality, a method of advertising that is the result of new technologies and increasingly popular nowadays. Finally, there is also the misappropriation of street furniture, which is one of the most widely used techniques and may even be the most effective.


The value of using street furniture as an advertising medium and communication object lies in the proximity of people to the environment around them. Everyone can find their way around and also make it their own. This is how asphalt, bus stops, telephone booths, metro and pedestrian crossings have become marketing supports in the promotion of a company's communication. There is some truth in saying that this kind of activity somehow trivializes the marketing strategy. However, the positive impact on sales and profits generated following the adoption of this new technique is undeniable, regardless of the sector of activity. Placing an advertising poster on a bus stop will more easily attract the attention of passers-by and encourage them to consume more. Similarly, painting a bus with the motifs of any company will also guarantee good visibility to consumers in no time at all. In an increasingly competitive sector such as advertising, it takes constant innovation and imagination to surpass oneself and stand out from others.


To ensure the success of a street marketing operation, the best thing to keep in mind is to put the spirit of creativity at the service of the advertising campaign. Nowadays, street marketing is taking on astonishing forms and managing communication within a company is becoming a key activity. A successful communication strategy is also based on the originality of the technique used. It is necessary to ensure that the technique adopted can easily attract everyone's attention and push customers to consume. This is, for example, what a giant in the furniture sector has achieved by replacing the bench at several bus stops with a sofa to praise the comfort and reliability of its products. An original idea that made an immediate impact and made itself felt in sales.


Street marketing has many significant advantages over running a business. Firstly, it allows you to target potential customers more efficiently and accurately. It then guarantees a surprise effect that will have a greater impact on their behaviour. It then presents itself as an alternative to mass communication via advertising spots which attract less and less consumers. The other advantage concerns the proximity to customers. Street marketing thus translates into a direct link between the brand and the consumers. Last but not least, there is also the financial saving. The adoption of this communication strategy does not require a large budget. All that is needed is to put all the chances on one's side through creativity and originality. In addition to this economy, the company will also benefit from high visibility due to the great influence of the internet and social networks, which are also a formidable communication tool.

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