Street marketing campaigns are increasingly popular with companies today because of the many advantages they offer, particularly in terms of practicality, finance and proximity. Find out what street marketing techniques you need to know to get noticed by passers-by.


When we talk about street marketing, the first idea that comes to mind is that the actions carried out must be creative, fun and attractive in order to be sure to catch the attention of passers-by. Thus, several methods or rather techniques of street marketing are to be known to differentiate oneself from one's competitors. If street events are the best known actions, you should know that there are other ways to conduct a street marketing campaign: - Graffiti and reverse graffiti (instead of adding an image on the walls the marketers remove the dirt on it). - Stencils and stickers - The Flash Mob or the treasure hunt organization - The use of street furniture: bus shelter, public chair, etc.


While the many techniques of street marketing often try to capture the attention of passers-by, some methods may go unnoticed and yet their impact can be the same. One of these methods is undercover marketing, which consists of infiltrating passers-by to make them discover services or products, while remaining discreet. You can also divert the urban d├ęcor by inserting advertising messages, in a more or less subtle way, in order to seduce customers more gently. Means of transport can also be used to carry out your street marketing campaign. Invest in advertising on buses, the metro or taxis.


While some more subtle and less intrusive methods are made for discreet consumers, other street marketing techniques cannot go unnoticed. The first; the ephemeral store or pop-store. Set up an impromptu shop in an unexpected location to make a lasting impression and, above all, to encourage people to buy. The distribution of free samples, even being an old practice, also remains very effective. This way, consumers are happy and tempted. So make sure of the quality of your articles to build loyalty. Finally, don't hesitate to set up augmented reality distractions in the street to distract and attract customers.

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