Lacking time to eat is a common situation in a company. However, lunch breaks should not be minimized as this would further affect employee productivity. This can be remedied by having lunch trays delivered to the company. Moreover, this solution has many advantages. For example, it means that you no longer have to be content with a quick sandwich for lunch. A catered meal tray is becoming an increasingly popular alternative for companies.


Delivery of meal trays, an interesting solution in the sense that you no longer have to face time constraints. There is no longer any need to travel and wait for the order to be ready. All this is included in the lunch break, which reduces the time to rest a little. You no longer have to stand in line in the dining hall or wait in the restaurant for a long time. A lunch tray does not require the use of a microwave either. Once delivered, you can eat right away, so there's no waste of time. Also, this kind of service is adapted to the diverse schedules of companies. This means that breakfast can be delivered. What better way to start a great day without having to worry about being late. Speaking of saving time, this type of service is a great help when welcoming important personalities (investors, clients, etc.). In short, for all events within a company, the delivery of meal trays reduces preparation time. Regardless of whether it is a planned or unplanned event, the service really makes the task easier. In no time at all, carefully prepared dishes are available. You can impress your guests and focus more on your activities without having to spend time organizing the meals.


Saving time is not synonymous with lack of taste and loss of pleasure. The corporate meal tray is much tastier than you might think. In addition to being complete and balanced, it is far more nutritious than junk food. As part of a business lunch, you can please your guests by ordering cheese and wine in addition to meals, for example. If you're a big eater, this service provides a whole range of satisfying menus. Since you no longer have problems with the weather, you can even enjoy the tasting by increasing its duration.


Meal delivery, although convenient, is far from being an expensive service. It is even more affordable than a restaurant meal. You can opt for a standard formula at a really affordable price. You can also opt for a high-end formula. So it's all a question of possibilities and tastes. At the same time, delivery is made to the address you specify to avoid having to travel. It is advisable to place your order the day before, but you can always have it delivered at the last minute with an express delivery. In both cases, you will receive fresh products. In addition to saving money, the service is a good way to reinforce the conviviality in a society. Since you can place orders in bulk, you can share good times with your colleagues. Whether during a meeting, a seminar or a training session. This concept is an effective tool to strengthen team spirit. Simply choose a room in the company to enjoy a good meal together.

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