Published on : 04 May 20203 min reading time

Usually, a company is perceived as a structure that needs to get closer to its customers in order to know their needs and then respond to their requests. This concept has given rise to any form of physical prospecting that sometimes proves embarrassing for prospects. With the advent of the web and webmarketing, things have changed radically. Digital marketing now offers a new technique in the opposite direction. It consists of directing customers towards the company’s activities. This is the secret of inbound marketing.


Seduce: this is the word that ingeniously sums up the techniques of webmarketing. In inbound marketing aims to arouse the curiosity of visitors through attractive and cleverly designed content. Moreover, if at the beginning, the objective of web designers is to balance the maximum amount of information, images or videos, etc…, they will be able to create a website that is as attractive as possible. Today’s trend is far from these traditional clichés. The challenge of webmarketing is now to offer optimized, ergonomic, simple and much more practical content.

It should be noted that even if webmarketing is an innovation for companies, it is clear that these principles are still rooted in traditional marketing methods. To prove it, just visualize the steps of inbound marketing.


First of all, webmarketing must first generate traffic. To increase the number of visitors, it is enough to create SEO-optimized articles, propose newsletters, invite visitors to fill out forms or even use social networks to democratize the company’s presence on the web. Secondly, since these visitors are attached to the site through the exchange of contacts or information, they will more easily become prospects rather than just visitors. From the moment they are prospects, the third step is to turn these prospects into new customers. In the world of digital marketing, this phase is known as nurturing. For the company, the challenge is to get closer to these future customers by traditional means such as making appointments by phone or by using marketing automation.

It is always a joy for webmarketing players to have been able to convert a prospect into a customer. This is already a step that deserves to be congratulated. But to avoid losing him, you have to keep him loyal. Once again, it’s all about the exchanges between customers and the company. For the latter, it must think about anticipating its customers’ needs by constantly seeking the evolution of their preferences. To avoid heading in the wrong direction, here are some practical tips for those who do not want to get lost.


Webmarketing is an investment in time and money. In order to optimize the company’s chances of achieving the desired effect, the marketing strategy to be adopted must first be associated with specific objectives. In other words, the marketing player must orient his actions towards results. However, having results is not enough. These results must be measurable over time. This is the next step. Since we are on earth, we must not forget that these objectives must be realistic or attainable. Finally, the webmarketing objectives must be time-defined. For a better synergy of action, there is nothing better than establishing a clear and structured chronogram of activities. It will serve as a benchmark for the marketing players.

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