Published on : 04 May 20203 min reading time

These days, it is not at all easy to have enough budget to communicate to a large target audience. To be able to sell your products, it is more than necessary to know how to identify and know your potential customers. The concept of buyer persona therefore consists of better understanding how they work in order to adapt better. But how do you go about it?


To put it simply, a buyer persona marketing is a kind of prototype of his client. We are talking about a fictitious subject who will adopt the same behaviors, challenges and objectives as a future customer. It is therefore an ideal customer who will be determined by different data: gender, age, desires, location, needs, etc.. It is simply a matter of establishing almost precise profiles. The idea is to know exactly who the future customers are in order to better satisfy their needs after having identified them.


To sell its products, a company must opt for the notion of buyer personae. The aim is to better understand the customer. What do they like and what don’t they like? How does he or she behave? What are their habits? The company’s product will therefore meet all his expectations and if it is a service, it will be used to solve his possible problems. Once you’ve finished creating a profile of your persona, all that’s left to do is to implement a better strategy to better sell your products and services. To do this, we move on to the collection of information. For companies that already have customers, it is necessary to understand them better. They need to ask themselves various questions about buying habits and consumer behaviour. In this way, they will not have trouble knowing who their buyers personas are. Moreover, it is possible to broaden the collection of information about them regarding their motivations, obstacles, desires, etc. from sales representatives or customer service. This really helps to gain valuable information about current customers. For a company that does not have a customer because it is still in the start-up phase, it should apply itself by carrying out studies in order to gather as much information as possible. Although you want to sell your products to more people, it makes more sense to limit yourself to your main target audience. You choose the 3 people you consider important. This is especially the case for entrepreneurs with a limited budget.


Following a diagnosis, we are able to define 3 profiles that can be presented following this example:

– A student who is adept at new technologies

– A young woman who likes anything that talks about makeup…

– A kid who swears by organic products

– A mother always in search of everything necessary for her home.

To evaluate these profiles, 4 criteria must be taken into account. First, the value of the individual in relation to a brand is defined. Second, we try to better understand the individual’s interests. Also, we look for the elements that will help transform a prospect into a customer. Finally, we select the best communication channels to discover what can drive a prospect to buy.

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